The University of Akron Field Station is a unit of the Department of Biology, a member of the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences on The University of Akron campus. The following people are associated with the Field Station in teaching, research, or advisory roles. Please visit their individual home pages to learn more about their specific interests and projects and for contact information.

  • Dr. Brian Bagatto — developmental physiology of vertebrates
  • Dr. Todd Blackledge — behavioral ecology, evolutionary ecology of spider webs
  • Dr. Joel Duff — land plant phylogeny, evolution of RNA editing in plants
  • Dr. Peter Lavrentyev — marine and freshwater microbial food webs, trophic cascades
  • Dr. Rich Londraville — fat metabolism in fishes, calcium cycling proteins
  • Dr. Timothy Matney — field archaeology, ancient urbanization and city planning
  • Dr. Randall Mitchell — Field Station Director; plant-pollinator interactions, adaptive nature of floral traits
  • Dr. Francisco (Paco) Moore — evolutionary genetics, vertebrate zoology
  • Dr. Peter Niewiarowski — ecology and population biology of reptiles, physiological ecology
  • Dr. Don Ott — molecular phylogeny of Vaucheria, role of the cytoskeleton in organelle translocation
  • Dr. Lara Roketenetz — Field Station Manager; K-12 environmental outreach, biological control in aquatic environments
  • Dr. Stephen Weeks — evolution of sex-determining mechanisms in crustacea, ecology and evolution of aquatic animals
  • Ms. Linda Whitman — prehistoric and historical archaeology, evolution of complex society